45 days post harvest.
100% perfect.
From the moment of harvest, the clock starts ticking. But what if you could stop time? If you’re in the produce business, imagine what that would mean:
  • You could allow fruit to ripen in the orchard or field for peak quality, then deliver without worry.
  • You could reduce costs by shipping on land or sea rather than by air.
  • You could store seasonal produce and wait for off-season pricing to increase value.
  • You could reduce post-harvest chemicals, single-use packaging and the stress of the clock eating away at the value of your produce.
In short, you would increase profits, reduce waste and shrink your environmental footprint. Imagine what we can do for your business.
RipeLocker. Prolonging Fresh.
(The berries pictured are unretouched fruit from a RipeLocker-equipped refrigerated shipping container following 45 days of transport)