mBar (measurement of pressure)
The vacuum works to slow respiration and senescence of perishables stored inside. Maintaining low oxygen and pressure keeps them just above going anaerobic.

%RH (relative humidity)
High humidity prevents weight loss.

O2 (oxygen)
The dynamic system precisely manages O2 levels to control decay.

RipeLockers are a sustainable and value-added solution for growers/packers, shippers, retailers, and consumers to prolong freshness and manage food loss and waste of fresh produce and flowers.

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RipeLocker, a unique, patented dynamic technology precisely manages the internal atmosphere (pressure, carbon dioxide, and oxygen) inside the chamber, to extend the postharvest life of the perishables. Tailored with specific operating parameters to optimize the freshness of every type of perishable, its remotely-monitored system responds to changes in the storage or shipping environment and makes precise adjustments to prevent damage and reduce decay within each RipeLocker.