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Ag Tech Startup RipeLocker Raises $10M for Inventory, Trials

Bainbridge Island-based agriculture technology company RipeLocker has raised $10 million. With the funding, announced Monday, RipeLocker co-founder and CEO George Lobisser said the company plans to increase its inventory and continue efficacy trials around the world. He added that the company, which makes pallet-sized containers to extend the shelf life of perishables, is currently testing […]

GeekWire’s in-depth startup coverage tells the stories of the Pacific Northwest entrepreneurial scene: RipeLocker snags $10M to boost production of tech that preserves food and flowers

RipeLocker, a Seattle food-tech startup developing tech that preserves fruits, nuts, hops and flowers, landed $10 million for design upgrades and inventory. The company’s chambers, which are about the size of a pallet, preserve the shelf-life of the produce or flowers within the hardware by managing its atmospheric pressure and gas composition. The system’s tech […]

RipeLocker Angels Soar to the Challenge and Provide an Additional $10M Before Venturing out to a Series A Pitch

Seattle, WA, September 11, 2023 – Considering today’s startup climate, the RipeLocker Board and current investor group concluded it was best to postpone a Series A raise until revenue growth over last year could be demonstrated. Confident that 2024 revenue will exceed last year’s, the current investment group, along with some new investors, invested an […]

RipeLocker selected as Finalist in Geekwire Awards 2023 in Hardware/Gadget/Robotics Category

Congratulations to RipeLocker! Vote for RipeLocker on the GeekWire Awards’ event site. VOTE HERE   Here are the finalists in the category, chosen after a month-long community nomination and judging process and recognizing companies with amazing hardware, devices, and gadgets that will transform the world! —Robotic barista by Artly: Robotic coffee barista maker led by ex-AWS engineer […]

Roadhouse Brewing Co. Partners with RipeLocker on New Fresh Hops Tech

Jackson Hole, WY, November 17, 2022 – In a pioneering move for fresh hops brewing, Roadhouse Brewing Co. has teamed up with RipeLocker and Oasis Farms to take their top-selling flagship hazy IPA, The Walrus, to the next level. While most breweries are brewing fresh hops from the grower within 24 hours of receipt, RipeLocker has […]

‘Game Changer’ Found for Spotted Wing Drosophila Control in Blueberries

Parlier, CA, November 15, 2022 – USDA-ARS researchers evaluating the efficacy of a hypobaric system as a solution to control spotted wing drosophila (SWD) on blueberries have found they can achieve 100% kill in less than a week. USDA has been searching for a chemical-free alternative to reduce the time highly perishable items must remain at […]

Incredible Quality in Fresh Amarillo® Hops Received One Week After Harvest Via Ground Shipment in RipeLockers 

Seattle, WA, September 13, 2022 – Normally, brewers located within one day of driving distance from where fresh hops are grown rush to pick up fresh hops within hours of harvest and plan to brew within twelve hours after pickup. Brewers located beyond one day’s driving distance are forced to air freight the hops. RipeLockers […]

Promising Results in USDA Disinfestation Trials Using RipeLockers to Control Spotted-Wing Drosophila

Seattle, WA, September 6, 2022 – RipeLocker broadens the use of its innovative system for senescence control and decay suppressant of perishables, to eliminate invasive fruit flies without the application of postharvest fumigants such as methyl bromide or required cold treatments at the port of loading. Disinfestation trials are being conducted by RipeLocker’s research partners […]

CEO, George Lobisser Pulls Back the Curtain on RipeLocker’s Features, Advantages, and Benefits

SEATTLE, WA – When a new technology hits the market in our industry, the big question is: Will this just add to the costs on our income statement, and what exactly is the ROI? Fair, very fair—especially during a moment in time when inflation is a constant concern and the cost of doing business only […]

RipeLocker Raises $7.5M in a Friends and Family Round Before Its Scheduled Series A Round This Fall

Seattle, WA, August 15, 2022 – Growing sales combined with successful efficacy trials on several additional high-value commodities has excited the agricultural community and thrilled the company’s existing investors resulting in a small pre-Series A raise being over-subscribed. “Our goal was a small Friends and Family Raise to buy us time to complete our much […]