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Agrovision Enters Into Partnership with RipeLocker to Extend Freshness of Berries

Agrovision and RipeLocker will Co-Commercialize a New Patented Technology to Extend Shelf-Life and bring Fresher Berries to The Fruitist LOS ANGELES, June 10, 2024 — Agrovision, one of the world’s fastest growing producers and year-round suppliers of premium superfruits including the leading The Fruitist brand, and the leading vertically integrated premium blueberry supplier, today announced […]

Podcast Episode 355: RipeLocker Enables a Fresh Approach to Brewing with Wet Hops

RipeLocker’s hypobaric chambers allow brewers to keep wet hops fresh for weeks or even months, opening up new possibilities for brewers who want to explore what’s possible in fresh-hop beers. This special fresh hop–focused episode of the podcast is brought to you interruption-free by the the freshness experts at RipeLocker. RipeLocker has patented a radically […]

BLOG: What Exactly is RipeLocker?

RipeLocker is a pallet-sized low-pressure storage unit that locks in the freshness of produce. “Like what a hypobaric chamber does for humans, the RipeLocker does the same thing for produce,” Anthony explains. “We control the atmosphere inside … to slow down the deterioration or aging of all types of produce.” Essentially, the vacuum pump rapidly […]

A technology that can do so much with just a little bit of air control.

RipeLocker allows roses to be stored for up to 6 weeks without quality loss. Worldwide, and particularly in the US, the demand for flowers usually peaks for holidays such as Valentine’s Day. How to meet this high demand while also delivering fresh, high-quality flowers? It is a true challenge for the industry. For this reason, […]

How Fresh Hop Season Can Now Be More Flexible

March 9, 2024, By Jon Sicotte, The Brewer Magazine At the start, Idaho hop processor Mill 95 did not store fresh hops. Hops were bagged at the farm directly off of the conveyer belt from the picker, and were used as soon as possible by regional brewers, explained Amaya Aguirre-Landa, the Marketing & Communications Manager […]

FRUITBOX 103 | George Lobisser CEO/Co-founder talks about making a difference

George Lobisser of Ripe Locker talks to Chris White about how post-harvest technology solutions can really make a difference to marketers of high-value crops around the world. They allow for greater flexibility in the supply chain and are better guarantors of quality for end consumers. Fruitbox is essential listening for everyone in the fresh produce […]

RipeLocker Discusses Developments, Potential Categories, and Partnerships

Amid Mother Nature challenging the Peruvian blueberry market, a Washington-based grower well informed of RipeLocker technology decided to utilize his. When the weather cleared, supply was tight as everyone worked to recover. Yet, when that grower opened up his RipeLocker, he found he had fresh, still-quality blueberries. “This grower partner saw the true value of […]

Extending the shelf-life of perishables while maintaining flavor and nutrients

Whether it’s an apple, a cherry, a blueberry, or any other fruit, as soon as it has been harvested, the product is no longer getting water and nutrients and the process of senescence starts. During this process, the fruit consumes O2, and produces CO2. Not only does the quality deteriorate, the amount of nutrients diminishes, […]

“We’ll never get fresh hops without RipeLocker again!”

RipeLocker Prolongs Fresh Hop Lifespan; Empowering Craft Micro-Breweries to Thrive and Extend the Fresh Hop Beer Experience Beyond the Season  Seattle, WA, November 2, 2023 – RipeLocker, the innovative leader in postharvest low-pressure vacuum technology, continues to transform the brewing landscape by extending the availability of fresh hops for breweries. RipeLocker has facilitated the distribution […]

RipeLocker’s Journey to Tree House Brewing Company – Taking Wet Hop Beers to the Next Level 💯