CEO, George Lobisser Pulls Back the Curtain on RipeLocker’s Features, Advantages, and Benefits

SEATTLE, WA – When a new technology hits the market in our industry, the big question is: Will this just add to the costs on our income statement, and what exactly is the ROI? Fair, very fair—especially during a moment in time when inflation is a constant concern and the cost of doing business only seems to rise. Whether it’s technology improving the cold chain, impacting harvest efficiencies, irrigation, shelf-life, or any of the many different innovations happening on the supply-side, this concern is a mainstay during times of economic instability…

“Using dynamic, low-atmosphere containers, RipeLocker can extend a crop’s after-harvest life by weeks, and often months. Not only that, but longer-term, the technology can even extend a season far past traditional competitor’s seasons, giving them an edge on demand and availability,” George Lobisser, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company, told me over an early morning call from his Bainbridge Island, Washington, office. “This means that grower/packer/shippers reduce food loss and consumers benefit from a better taste, longer shelf-life, and seasonal availability.”

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