Science not magic.
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When it comes to extending the post-harvest life of produce, there are plenty of gimmicks and unsubstantiated claims out there. RipeLocker is different.

We are a data-driven tech company committed to solving real-world problems. Specifically, our managed-atmosphere containers suppress pathogen growth, resulting in significantly less decay. We tailor operating parameters--internal pressure, CO2 and oxygen levels--to optimize longevity and freshness for the individual needs of each kind of fruit, vegetable or other perishable commodity.

Since the days of NASA’s lunar module development, we’ve known that a low-oxygen, low-pressure, saturated atmosphere suspends ripening and decay of perishables. But it’s taken nearly five decades for technology to catch up to that knowledge and create something that actually works, both physically, and in business terms.

RipeLocker is the only cost-effective, fully portable, pallet-sized, dynamic-atmosphere container in the world. It’s engineered from the ground up using recycled materials, innovative thinking and 50 years of combined experience in the produce business.

RipeLocker System
“Our system responds to changes in the shipping or storage environment, making precise adjustments to prevent damage and reduce decay.” – George Lobisser, RipeLocker CEO