RipeLocker Closes Its First Multi-Unit Sales Deal with The Queen’s Flowers to Prolong Freshness of Fresh Cut Flowers

Seattle, WA—June 14, 2022 — RipeLocker announces it has closed its first purchase agreement with The Queen’s Flowers, a floral importer and grower in Colombia and Ecuador with wholesale and distribution warehouses across the U.S.

An early adopter of RipeLocker’s green technology, The Queen’s Flowers saw the immense value created during initial commercial trials conducted earlier in the year to suppress the senescence and decay of fresh-cut roses.  The RipeLockers extended the post-harvest life of previously harvested roses by an extra 2-4 weeks.  In anticipation of the need for more inventory during the high-demand seasons of Valentine’s and Mother’s Day, Queen’s partnered with RipeLocker to proactively solve this problem and use the innovative containers to prolong the freshness of their roses and increase the quantities available for sales during peak seasons.

David Gonzalez, Chief Operating Officer of The Queen’s Flowers says, “The data and technology around the RipeLocker containers will help us manage production ups and downs, assuring a better supply and freshness of our roses.”

“Queen’s is a major player in fresh cut-flowers. They have an excellent in-house technical team who sets the bar high for quality.  We are honored to be working with them”, says George Lobisser, CEO & Co-Founder of RipeLocker.

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