RipeLocker and CLS Farms Deliver Fresh and Delicious Hops to Thomas Hooker Brewing Company Six Weeks After the Hops Were Harvested

RipeLocker Technology Extends the Life of Fresh Hops, Lengthens the Fresh Hop Season and Helps Breweries Avoid Costly Air Freight Costs

Seattle, WA—November 10, 2020—RipeLocker, a leader in extending the post-harvest life of perishables, today announced its RipeLocker technology had extended the life of fresh hops by six weeks. Tests were conducted this fall in collaboration with CLS Farms, which provided 240 pounds of its fresh Comet and El Dorado® hops, and Thomas Hooker Brewing Company, which ultimately brewed “Cultivate” beer with the fresh hops. A valuable and highly perishable flower, fresh hops in the past needed to be used within a day of harvesting. When using RipeLocker managed-atmosphere containers to store the hops, the fresh hops retained their original form, color and aroma six weeks later. This is significant for hop growers, hop dealers, breweries and consumers.

With RipeLocker technology, hop growers and packers can now sell more fresh hops, at higher margins than dry hops, and supply distant markets such as Asia. Hop dealers, who often facilitate deals between hop growers and brewers, can now have more fresh hops to sell. Brewers can source more fresh hops for longer lengths of time and avoid costly, and environmentally unfriendly, overnight air freight. Consumers, moreover, are able to enjoy fresh hop craft beers for longer seasons.

At a global level, fresh hops grown in the Southern Hemisphere can now be much more readily available to brewers in the Northern Hemisphere, and vice versa. The new six-week lifespan, and possibly longer, enabled by RipeLocker technology also means that fresh hops can now be shipped via conventional methods such as cargo ships, railways and trucks. This has relevant cost benefits and is better for the environment than air freight.

“If RipeLocker technology can do this for fresh hops, an item that has never been preserved in its fresh form before, we trust it can do this for any produce or cut flower,” said George Lobisser, CEO and co-founder of RipeLocker. “We are very pleased with the outcome of the fresh hop test and believe RipeLocker technology will be a real game-changer for the hop industry as well as the perishable business in general.”

“With RipeLocker, we can now provide brewers with our various coveted fresh CLS Farms hops at a good price for up to six weeks. This means they can extend their brewing seasons even into the holidays,” said Claire Desmarais, fresh hop director at CLS Farms, which is based in the Yakima Valley of Washington state. “The Yakima Valley is a hotbed of hop growers, providing about 75% of the hops in the US. RipeLocker maintains the quality of the fresh hops, enabling CLS Farms to better serve its fresh hop customers, not only in the US, but around the world.”

Thomas Hooker Brewing Company, headquartered in Bloomfield, Connecticut, is a local brewery with a national reputation. They recently received shipment of the fresh hops that had been stored six weeks and Andrew Blakeslee, the lead brewer, commented, “The fresh hops look beautiful and smell incredible!” He then proceeded to mix them all into a new IPA called “Cultivate,” which he says has “a fresh, wet, hoppy character with flavors of grapefruit and candied stone fruit, backed up with some pine and resin.”

Yakima Quality Hops, a hop dealer that provides high-quality hops to breweries throughout the United States and abroad, helped facilitate the collaboration between RipeLocker, CLS Farms and Thomas Hooker Brewing Company.

RipeLocker Technology in More Detail

The RipeLocker is a cost-effective, pallet-sized, managed-atmosphere container. The ultra-low oxygen containers suppress pathogen growth, resulting in significantly less decay. The company tailors operating parameters, such as internal pressure, CO2 and oxygen levels, to optimize longevity and freshness for the specific needs of each perishable stored inside. In addition, the company can monitor and change holding parameters real-time to prevent damage from occurring. The RipeLocker is engineered from the ground up using recycled materials and is reusable.

The company is currently in late stage trials with industry leading grower/packers and hopes to announce adoption for blueberries, cherries, papayas, pomegranates and fresh-cut flowers soon.

About RipeLocker
RipeLocker is a leader in extending the post-harvest life of perishables. The company offers a cost-effective, pallet-sized, dynamic, low-atmosphere container, which is made from recycled materials and is reusable. With RipeLocker, consumers benefit from better taste and shelf-life, and retailers experience less waste at their stores. RipeLocker, founded in 2016 and based in Seattle, WA, US, is a science-based and data-driven company. It has been testing the efficacy of its RipeLocker containers for several years with many of the largest growers in the world. For more information, go to

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