Roadhouse Brewing Co. Partners with RipeLocker on New Fresh Hops Tech

Jackson Hole, WY, November 17, 2022 – In a pioneering move for fresh hops brewing, Roadhouse Brewing Co. has teamed up with RipeLocker and Oasis Farms to take their top-selling flagship hazy IPA, The Walrus, to the next level.

While most breweries are brewing fresh hops from the grower within 24 hours of receipt, RipeLocker has designed specialty containers for storing and shipping freshly harvested whole cone hops. Thanks to revolutionary CO2 technology, the atmosphere inside the containers can be regulated ensuring that the contents remain as fresh as possible. With these containers, craft brewers can extend the season for fresh hopped beers. Additionally, craft brewers located greater distances from hop growers will now have access to harvest fresh hops despite the additional transport time.

Roadhouse, being on the front line of innovation in utilizing new hop products, jumped at the opportunity to produce its flagship hazy IPA, The Walrus, using hundreds of pounds of hops harvested weeks earlier and stored in these containers.

George Lobisser, Co-Founder and CEO of RipeLocker- “Historically users of fresh hops were forced to drive, pick them up, and brew the fresh hops within 24 hours of harvest. East Coast brewers were even forced to air freight fresh hops within hours of harvest. The Roadhouse fresh hops were held inside a RipeLocker for two weeks and driven from Yakima to Jackson unrefrigerated over 12 hours. The perfect test for the RipeLocker technology!”

“The Walrus has always utilized some of our favorite hops – Mosaic, Eldorado, Calypso and Amarillo, but for this wet hopped version, we utilized Mosaic and Idaho 7. The Idaho 7 certainly added a new level of tropical fruit and dankness to the beer that we usually don’t see when using pellets and other advanced hop products,” says Roadhouse Brewmaster Max Shafer.

“These Fresh Hops came from our friends at Oasis Farms in Prosser, WA. When they came to us, they smelled absolutely amazing thanks to the technology of the RipeLocker!” says Drew Herron, Quality Assurance Manager for Roadhouse.

Shafer adds, “Even without adding fruit to this beer, it tastes like taking a mouthwatering bite into a fresh peach, passionfruit and grapefruit all at the same time. With its hazy appearance and supreme drinkability, this 7.1% beer has become a staff favorite at our pub. We cannot wait for you to try it!”

The new Fresh Hops Walrus will be available on-tap at select Roadhouse on-premise locations throughout Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, and Montana.

About Roadhouse Brewing Co.|

Built upon its two founders’ unique backgrounds as award-winning home brewers and noted restaurateurs, Roadhouse Brewing Company draws inspiration from the culinary and craft worlds, its home base in the iconic mountain town of Jackson Hole, and its independent spirit – making the brewing facilities a daily hub for innovation and collaboration. Roadhouse was awarded Best for the World™ B Corporation two years in a row, ranking in the top 5% of all B Corps in its size group worldwide for sustainable business practices. Now distributing on and off-premise in Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Montana, and California. To locate the new releases, or any Roadhouse products, visit the Roadhouse Brew Finder. Roadhouse ships nationally to most states via CraftShack. 

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