Real world solutions

RipeLocker allows fruit to be harvested in peak condition and stored off-season, then delivered—still in prime condition—for improved pricing.


Shipping fruit in RipeLocker containers suspends ripening, drastically reducing loss during the shipping process. Ensures significantly higher quality, quantity and value upon delivery.


RipeLocker storage and shipping extends seasonal availability of fruit, lengthens shelf life and reduces waste, while increasing eating quality.


RipeLocker provides the highest quality, longest-lasting fruit for consumers. It also reduces the amount of fruit discarded at home due to decay.

Other Applications

RipeLocker’s low-oxygen, full-saturation environment suspends time and preserves freshness in fruits, vegetables and flowers. We’ve now completed or are in the process of completing trials with berries, pomegranates, cherries, limes, mandarins, papayas, mangoes, table grapes and peonies. Think RipeLocker can benefit your business?

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