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Promising Results in USDA Disinfestation Trials Using RipeLockers to Control Spotted-Wing Drosophila

Seattle, WA, September 6, 2022 – RipeLocker broadens the use of its innovative system for senescence control and decay suppressant of perishables, to eliminate invasive fruit flies without the application of postharvest fumigants such as methyl bromide or required cold treatments at the port of loading. Disinfestation trials are being conducted by RipeLocker’s research partners […]

CEO, George Lobisser Pulls Back the Curtain on RipeLocker’s Features, Advantages, and Benefits

SEATTLE, WA – When a new technology hits the market in our industry, the big question is: Will this just add to the costs on our income statement, and what exactly is the ROI? Fair, very fair—especially during a moment in time when inflation is a constant concern and the cost of doing business only […]

Sorbatto Fresh to Scale Up RipeLocker Container Use – RipeLocker Containers Created Value from Otherwise Wasted Fruit

Seattle, WA—January 24, 2022— RipeLocker, an innovator in extending the postharvest life of perishables ramps up commercial sales of its containers to Sorbatto Fresh (formerly Blueberry Hill), an early adopter of the technology. As a heatwave hit Eastern Washington over the summer, it effected the blueberry harvest and flooded the market with fruit that yielded lower […]

Efficacy and Commercial Trials Intensify Globally with Diverse List of Perishables

RipeLocker prides itself on delivering an innovative postharvest solution that benefits the grower, retailer, and consumer.  For the grower/packer/shipper in North America, South America and Asia, use of our patented technology results in quantifiable value creation by slowing senescence, suppressing decay, improving quality at arrival, extending “the season”, and offering alternative shipping methods to costly […]

Successful Commercial Launch of RipeLocker’s Patented Containers

After outstanding results from extensive efficacy trials, RipeLocker embarks on nationwide commercial sales, promotion, and distribution of its disruptive technology to prolong the freshness of post-harvested perishables.  First commercially used in July, the containers were deployed to effectively extend the life of post-harvested blueberries and cherries.  A major flower grower, who initially participated in earlier […]

RipeLocker Raises $5 Million to Continue Extending the Post-Harvest Life of Perishables

Investment Round Entirely from Previous Investors in the Company; Funds to be Used Primarily to Manufacture RipeLocker Containers for Commercial Availability Seattle, WA—April 21, 2021— RipeLocker, a leader in extending the post-harvest life of perishables, today announced it has raised $5 million in series B capital from angel investors. The investment round is all from […]

RipeLocker Containers Hold Freshly Harvested Roses in Beautiful Condition for Four Weeks

Trials Completed with Queen’s Flowers, the Premier Grower in the Floral Industry; Roses Remained Gorgeous to Delight the End Customer Seattle, WA—March 17, 2021— RipeLocker, a leader in extending the post-harvest life of perishables, today announced its RipeLocker containers held freshly harvested roses in beautiful condition for four weeks. In recent trials with Queen’s Flowers, […]

RipeLocker Containers Hold Freshly Harvested Organic Blueberries in Pristine Condition for Eight Weeks

Efficacy Trials Recently Completed with Blueberry Hill; RipeLocker Containers Available for Commercial Use this Summer Seattle, WA—January 13, 2021— RipeLocker, a leader in extending the post-harvest life of perishables, today announced its RipeLocker containers recently held freshly harvested organic blueberries in pristine condition for eight weeks. In the trial, the company used six of its […]

RipeLocker and CLS Farms Deliver Fresh and Delicious Hops to Thomas Hooker Brewing Company Six Weeks After the Hops Were Harvested

RipeLocker Technology Extends the Life of Fresh Hops, Lengthens the Fresh Hop Season and Helps Breweries Avoid Costly Air Freight Costs Seattle, WA—November 10, 2020—RipeLocker, a leader in extending the post-harvest life of perishables, today announced its RipeLocker technology had extended the life of fresh hops by six weeks. Tests were conducted this fall in collaboration […]