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Promising Results in USDA Disinfestation Trials Using RipeLockers to Control Spotted-Wing Drosophila

Seattle, WA, September 6, 2022 – RipeLocker broadens the use of its innovative system for senescence control and decay suppressant of perishables, to eliminate invasive fruit flies without the application of postharvest fumigants such as methyl bromide or required cold treatments at the port of loading. Disinfestation trials are being conducted by RipeLocker’s research partners […]

Efficacy and Commercial Trials Intensify Globally with Diverse List of Perishables

RipeLocker prides itself on delivering an innovative postharvest solution that benefits the grower, retailer, and consumer.  For the grower/packer/shipper in North America, South America and Asia, use of our patented technology results in quantifiable value creation by slowing senescence, suppressing decay, improving quality at arrival, extending “the season”, and offering alternative shipping methods to costly […]